2023 Segway Apex H2 Hydrogen-Electric Motorcycle

Segway’s unique Apex is a strong if-sub-par electric bike fundamentally for the Chinese market. Presently, Segway is growing the Apex setup with something totally sudden — a half and half hydrogen-electric bike called the Apex H2. Leaving to the side the powertrain, the Apex H2 looks as advanced as what impels it, with single-sided swingarms front and back that give the impression of gliding wheels. Level wheel covers and LED lighting strips that stumble into the periphery alongside the general plan give a very cyberpunk feel. The guaranteed half and half framework utilizes vaporous hydrogen to control a battery that thus takes care of an electric engine driving the back tire, albeit how that is sent — through chain or center engine — is indistinct. Segway is anticipating a 2023 delivery date for the Apex H2


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