Clarks Originals Presents Its Celebratory “Jamaica Pack”

Clarks Originals’ alliance with Jamaican culture is one of immaculateness. Subsequent to getting inseparable from Dancehall occasions and Jamaican Rude Boy culture during the 1960s, the British footwear brand has stayed a staple across the Caribbean island from that point onward.

All through the 1970s, the pair’s association even went similarly as challenging government laws, when mystery shipping lanes from Somerset to Kingston were made to proceed with an import of shoes following a restriction on unfamiliar made footwear across Jamaica.

Presently honoring these accounts, Clarks Originals presents its new “Jamaica Pack” for Spring 2021. Containing the Desert Boot, Desert Trek and the inconceivable Wallabee, each shoe is wearing shades of yellow, green and dark as a gesture to the Jamaican public banner.

Each vivid premium calfskin upper sits on the prototype Clarks Originals crepe sole, and flaunts unpretentious Jamaican-propelled designs across each outline.

What’s more, Clarks Originals has given the understudies of Maverley School, Kingston, Jamaica, with another pair of shoes as a piece of the brand’s on-going local area organization.

The full “Jamaica Pack” is accessible at Clarks USA, Clarks UK and Clarks EU now, while the full Jamaica crusade set to start on 19 April.


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