Converse’s Run Star Hike Is Crafted With Premium Snakeskin Uppers

Converse Run Star Hike has been refreshed with premium snakeskin uppers, “Migrant” and “Smoke Engine” colorways for the thick outline.

Other than the strong examples of the uppers, the greater part of the shoe’s body has been kept negligible with little subtleties. For instance, rather than having eyelets and bands going through the forefoot, the shoe includes a spotless silver-conditioned zipper that goes through the middle, supplemented by bands that fold over the collars. Banter’s “Elite player” logo is put at the average sides of the shoe, while the lower heel sports a differentiating star theme. These subtleties rest over a thick elastic padded sole that is propped up by huge stepping.

Banter’s Run Star Hike “Traveler” and “Smoke Engine” are presently accessible on Footshop’s site for €130 EUR (around KSH 17,275 Kenya shillings).


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