Freddie Gibbs To Make Acting Debut in Upcoming Film ‘Down with The King’

Freddie Gibbs is set to make his element film debut in Breaker Studio’s forthcoming film, Down with The King.

The GRAMMY-selected craftsman will play the main job of Mercury Maxwell, a celebrated rapper who passes by the name of Money Merc and is sent by his supervisor to a provincial home in the Berkshires for his next collection. His administrator, nonetheless, is unconscious of the way that Maxwell no longer has the craving or aim to make new music. Upset with and burnt out on the upkeep of his vocation, the rapper winds up investing energy in his neighbor’s ranch and he learns about cultivating and nation living. Maxwell chooses to zero in the entirety of his energy on cultivating and, a lot to his administrator’s consternation, suddenly reports his retirement from rap by means of web-based media, constraining his supervisor to give it his best shot to bait his customer back into the business.

Joining Gibbs in the cast are Jamie Neumann of Lovecraft Country acclaim, David Krumholtz of The Plot Against America, Sharon Washington of Joker and Bob Tarasuk of Bob and the Trees. Down with The King is composed and coordinated by Diego Ongaro, delivered by Zach LeBeau, Kim Jackson and Rob Cristiano, co-composed by Xabi Molia and co-leader created by Gibbs and Jake Craven. As well as featuring in and chief creating, the rapper likewise composed and performed unique music for the film.

“My essential craving with ‘Down with The King’ is to impact two far-fetched universes: rap and cultivating, and to share the impossible story of a rap star who experiences passionate feelings for the open country and the asylum that it offers him from his own world and distinction,” Ongaro said in a proclamation. “Numerous movies that highlight the hip-bounce local area tell longshot ‘examples of overcoming adversity,’ while ‘Down with The King’ does the opposite. Mercury is at the highest point of the hip-jump world yet urgently looks for an easier life. Freddie Gibbs and I worked personally together to make Mercury’s character and backstory; some of it pulled from Freddie’s encounters and qualities, a lot of it developed. It was an outright rush working with somebody as sharp and multi-capable as Freddie in this cooperative manner.”

LeBeau called Gibbs “an inventive power of nature,” adding, “‘Down with The King’ addresses Breaker Studios’ obligation to upright filmmaking zeroed in on separating the dividers of obliviousness in quest for truth, solidarity and higher mindfulness.”


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