future claims to be bigger than jay-z in the streets

Future Claims To Be Bigger Than Jay-Z In The Streets

Future Claims To Be Bigger Than Jay-Z In The Streets

During the weekend future took to Twitter to proclaim that he’s bigger than jay-z in the streets

Hip-hop fans were caught in a surprise and the topic went viral to prove the legitimacy of future claims.n separate tweets, he wrote, “I’m the only one can get YE to pull up whenever wherever..tuh,” which referred to their recent performance at Rolling Loud California, “Everything I do legendary or it want get done. Tuh,” “In the streets im bigger then jigga. Ima run me a B up easy,” which referred to Hov’s status as hip-hop’s first billionaire, and “100M’s not the goal anymore.”

Twitter users replied with a mixture of memes and explanations of whether or not they agree with Future’s tweet. A fan pointed out JAY-Z’s lyric of “Yeah, so in summation, I don’t know who you racing / I’m already at the finish line with the flag waving” and another supported it with the response, “He has lines for every situation that’s how godly Hov is,” while those who sided with Future said, “Money aside. Future really run the streets. All these new artist want to be future and young thug. No club putting on jay z and that’s a fact. Everyone who’s older than the youth always going to say jay z better. If you older than 30 you wouldn’t understand.”

Checkout Check out Future tweets below.

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