Keith Haring’s Iconic Artwork Dominates Extensive Converse Collaboration

Keith Haring is an “Elite player” of the workmanship world, so it bodes well that the late craftsman’s work presently winds up at the focal point of a Converse joint effort.

Taking on the Converse Chuck 70, Chuck Taylor All Star, Pro Leather Low, and the new Run Star Hike outline, Haring’s fundamental and right away unmistakable stylish and work show up predominantly on the four communitarian sets. His particular style embodies a feeling of imagination and self-articulation all while going about as a vessel for supporting and addressing mistreated networks, as the work is fun and unique yet as yet ordering of your consideration.

Haring discovered distinction in the arising New York City spray painting scene, regularly decorating his work onto tram announcements and dividers along the roads. Today, Converse’s unmistakable tennis shoes go about as Haring’s material, with the craftsman’s energetic characters rambling across the whole upper of the Chuck 70, Pro Leather, and the All Star in an exemplary dark on-white look with red itemizing.

Different sets of Chuck 70s are more matched back with simply thick dark weaving and padded sole specifying decorating the rich material uppers, which can likewise be said for the Run Star Hike that is served in dark material with unmistakable red Converse subtleties and white Haring work of art.

Remaining consistent with Haring’s expressive structure, clients can likewise utilize the “Opposite By You” program to modify their own Chuck 70, permitting you to browse four fundamental plans and alter the lower leg fix, padded sole, bands, foxing, pinstripes, heelstay, and lining in like manner.

Check out the Keith Haring x Converse joint effort below , and get every one of the sets from Converse’s site and at select retailers worldwide on May 13.


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