Kuhl Racing’s Fully-Engraved Gold Nissan GT-R Is Now for Sale

Kuhl Racing’s prize-winning 24k-gold-chrome 2014 Nissan GT-R has recently discovered its way on to display area of Dubai’s Auto Deals UAE. The gleaming supercar made a remarkable clamor when it was divulged in 2016, uncovering that the GT-R conveyed with a full custom body unit that took ace etchers an entire year to finish. The crude body boards of this vehicle were first treated to an extraordinary chrome finish where it was then at last covered in gold paint.

Altered to make between 850-900 pull, the full form sees secondary selling wheels, motor work, a calculated back wing, and the principle part, a uniquely fabricated full titanium exhaust. With just 6,000 km on the scramble, this gold-engraved supercar could be yours for $1.6 million AED (roughly $435,600 USD KSH 47,828,807.3964571 Kenyan Shillings) which is a lot of lower than its asking cost back in 2016 – $1 million USD. Look at the posting for the vehicle over at Auto Deals UAE


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