LeBron James Wears the $162,000 “KSH 17 million “Black Panther Watch

The watch is made of titanium, has a ceramic bezel, and a tourbillon nestled near the 6 o’clock position. But who are we kidding? The showstopper feature is obviously the white gold figurine of the Black Panther. Good news for LeBron: this is only the first piece in an ongoing partnership between Audemars Piguet and Marvel.

The new Audemars Piguet Black Panther watch—with a sticker price equivalent to a piece of Stark innovation—appears to be intended to carry an entirely different crowd into the universe of gathering—a customer less worried about specialized specs than lionizing their number one Marvel legend. Furthermore, the main individual from that new gathering ought to have been self-evident. We previously noted you can draw a line from LeBron James’ community watch with Audemars in 2013 to this new Marvel piece. Both addressed outside of what might be expected intuition from the brand. Likewise, in participation for the new watch’s revealing? As a matter of fact LeBron. Besides, there are not many individuals nearer to genuine superhuman status than James. So it wasn’t too astonishing to see him sitting on the Lakers seat Thursday late evening wearing the damn thing.

Lebron James sitting courtside wearing a dark jaguar themed observe


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