migos will be releasing their own solo projects

Migos Will Be Releasing Their Own Solo Projects

Migos Will Be Releasing Their Own Solo Projects

Migos Will Be Releasing Their Own Solo Projects, starting no and henceforth. Quavo revealed this after the release of his latest single “Strub the Ground”.

In a recent interview, Quavo was asked whether or not Migos will be releasing another round of solo projects. Quavo responded by revealing the unexpected “We most definitely coming out with all our solo projects. A lot of melodies. [Migos] tended to put a lot of Rap records on our albums, on Culture III this year. And we kind of missed some of that Kelly Price type of vibes, some of them old melodic vibes. So that’s where I probably will come in. Of course, I’m going to hit them folks some of them ‘Straightening’ records, but more melodies.”

He also went on to reveal that when Migos went on tour with Drake in 2019, they all recorded various tracks with one another, but none of which will ever be heard by the public. Quavo alludes, “Sometimes they just be good vibes that you just hold on to. We kind of feel like it’s outdated, so I don’t know. Maybe we’ll get some new ones. That’s my dog, so it ain’t no pressure on him.”

Check out his latest single below.

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