New Balance 57/40 Appears in Boisterous “Carnival/Byzantine Gold” and “Varsity Green/Team Gold” Colorways

New Balance’s 57/40 is going into its first summer available, and it’s getting the season with rambunctious style on account of “Fair/Byzantine Gold” and “Varsity Green/Team Gold” colorways. Attributable to its layered upper and thick, super loaded padded sole, the 57/40 is a ready material for shading experimentation — so “Festival/Byzantine Gold” and “Varsity Green/Team Gold” exploit this form.

Both colorways are built of lattice and calfskin, and based on a huge N logo on the quarter. “Amusement park/Byzantine Gold” blends sky blue and naval force blue around its edges, at that point brings rich yellow and green shades together on the midfoot and toebox for an Oakland Athletics-style run of energy prior to adjusting things with hints of mark dark. On the opposite end, “Varsity Green/Team Gold” blends blue, pink and purple with mustard yellow and dark. Each adds one all the more New Balance logo on its tongue and finishes its look with delicate dark EVA froth padded soles in addition to dark outsoles.

The New Balance 57/40 “Fair/Byzantine Gold” and “Varsity Green/Team Gold” are both set to deliver on the New Balance webstore come May 26. Each pair’s MSRP is set at a level $100 USD.


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