Nike’s Latest Air Force 1 Experimental Is Outfitted In Phoenix “Suns” Colors

Nike’s most recent N. 354 Air Force 1 Experimental is an accolade for the shades of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns. Suitably named “Suns,” the new colorway is a lively development to a triple-dark cycle of the outline seen only fourteen days back.

The vast majority of the shoe’s uppers are shrouded in a “Light Smoke Gray” tone, supplemented by splendid flies of orange and dim purple. Two orange force tabs show up at the highest point of the shoe, over a retro-roused tongue and a heel board that includes a topsy turvy “Nike” logo. Going with these subtleties are purple accents on the drawcord and a huge sticker put on the heel. These highlights rest over an apparent dark padded sole, underscored by a flimsy purple outsole to polish off the shoe’s Phoenix Suns-roused plan.

No authority delivery dates for Nike’s Air Force 1 Experimental “Suns” have been affirmed however the shoe is relied upon to show up soon on Nike’s site for $130 USD , KSH 14,260.150281286 Kenyan Shillings


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