Subaru Unveils Its New Solterra Electic Suv

Subaru Unveils Its New Solterra Electic Suv

Subaru Unveils Its New Solterra Electic Suv

Being one of the most popular Japanese automakers in the world, the company is set to launch its first-ever all-electric sport utility vehicle referenced as the 2023 Subaru solterra.

The new solterra electric Suv is designed in partnership with Toyota. The front end is the most distinct, with a faux grille outline on top of a larger lower grille accompanied by two round fog lights, creating a more off-road and rugged aesthetic to reflect Subaru’s brand. The rear also gets a few adjustments, including a more distinct separation between the two taillights as well as two short red tails by the bottom reflecting the automaker’s traditional design language.

Performance-wise, the New Solterra Electic Suv is also extremely similar to its Toyota counterpart, with either a front-wheel-drive option or an all-wheel-drive setup. The former will carry one motor pushing out 201 horsepower while the latter features a dual-motor configuration delivering 214 horsepower. There’s no specific information regarding which powertrains the United States will be receiving, but the industry expects to learn more during this week’s Los Angeles Auto Show, so interested buyers should be on the lookout for more updates to come.

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