The $18 Million USD Bugatti “La Voiture Noire” Is Finally Here

After its hority uncovering at the 2019 Geneva Motor autShow, Bugatti’s “La Voiture Noire” is at last prepared. The Chiron-based idea is a contemporary rethinking of the notable Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic and was at first dispatched in festival of Bugatti’s 110th commemoration.

This previous week, Bugatti has taken to Instagram to share mystery photographs for “La Voiture Noire” stopped close to French tourist spots, for example, the Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower, with the subtitle, “Past? Future? It doesn’t make any difference what year this is any longer. At the point when you need to discover something so gravely, it’s consistently Day 1 of the pursuit. See you on May 31st, 2021.”

Like the Bugatti Chiron, supercar fans can expect the “La Voiture Noire” to be fueled by a 8.0-liter, 16-chamber quad-super motor, set to create 1,479hp with 1,180lb-ft of force. Stylishly, the auto highlights a progressively, smooth shell developed in a bespoke carbon-fiber body that has all the earmarks of being made of a solitary shell. Despite the fact that it follows the Type 57SC Atlantic, “La Voiture Noire” likewise incorporates a back belt with six exhaust pipes, adding to the standout cost of the hypercar.

“La Voiture Noire” is esteemed at a faltering $18 million USD, asserting the title for the most costly new vehicle at any point made. The proprietor of the oddball hypercar presently can’t seem to be authoritatively uncovered however there has been hypothesis that it was purchased by previous VW Group administrator Ferdinand Piech.


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