Travis Scott’s Next Car Might Be a $14 Million USD Lamborghini

With all the achievement Travis Scott has earned throughout the long term, the rapper has consistently developed his own vehicle assortment. Notwithstanding, however broad as it as of now seems to be, he actually has his eyes set on a profoundly desired Lamborghini to add to his assortment.

The Houston rapper as of late imparted to L’Officiel Hommes how he came to purchase every one of his vehicles, going top to bottom about how the fixation initially started, discussing the ones he has and the automobiles that he needs. Scott talks about his affection for customization and plan with regards to his own vehicles. Scott proceeds to contrast vehicles with a couple of shoes, insinuating the way that “they identify with you and your present fashion awareness.” He adds, “interestingly, certain vehicles emit certain atmospheres, however you can make those airs for the vehicle, as well.”

Towards the finish of the discussion with questioner Joshua Glass, Travis Scott was found out if he actually had a fantasy vehicle, regardless of having so numerous that he can’t name every one of the vehicles he claims. Scott reacts, “I think I have a blend of the relative multitude of sports vehicles I’ve at any point needed. There is this Lambo that resembles f*cking Batman, yet I’m not going to mislead you… it resembles $14 million.”

Glass proceeded to the conversation offering the conversation starter to Scott about how it feels to pursue a vehicle of that colossal worth. Scott clarifies that “by then throughout everyday life, why not change the world? Fourteen million dollars can be utilized from various perspectives. That is the intriguing thing about the thing Elon Musk is doing, correct? Consummating plan and advancement and selling it for 20 or 30 thousand—the cost of what others would call a ‘standard’ vehicle. So that is the place where my psyche has kinda been recently. I attempt to cause all that I to accomplish more available. There are such countless things that are so elusive to imaginative individuals. It’s barely out of their span.”

It actually stays not yet clear whether Travis Scott will make the $14 million USD Lamborghini buy sooner rather than later.


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