Valentino Releases Garavani Sneaker With Full-Crochet Uppers

Valentino has quite recently delivered its completely sewed Garavani Sneaker. Reviewed before at the Valentino Collezione Milano Spring/Summer 2021 style show, this new interpretation of the Garavani Sneaker exhibits Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli’s exploratory eye and vision in blending custom in with the vanguard.

These shoes highlight macramè knit work (regularly seen on couture outfits) across the uppers. Each carefully assembled upper plays on the material that is regularly found in apparel worn around evening time, yet in energetic, late spring prepared tones. Subtleties like multi-facet intertwined development, a meshed collar, and VLogo Signature sole hoist this extravagant shoe into the universe of high quality merchandise – it assumes control more than 10 hours, 88 needles, and 100 meters of wire to finish each match.

The carefully assembled Valentino Crochet Garavani Sneaker is accessible now at Valentino for roughly $1,100 USD , KSH 120,835.00 Kenyan Shilling


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